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Let's Talk: How Important is the electric Pencil Sharpener?

Pencils are an important tool of the trade. Actually, "important" doesn't begin to cover it. Pencils are vital to art. And behind every good pencil, there's a pencil sharpener.


They do it when you’re giving directions.  They do it to get out of their seats.  They do it when they see someone else do it.  The pencil sharpener attracts kids like ants to a picnic.  

It’s the water cooler of the classroom and a huge pet peeve of many teachers. The pencil is perhaps the most utilized classroom supply, and yet when it’s time to begin a lesson, 

there are always a few that have broken one, a dull one, or none at all.  And, as they convene at the pencil center, inevitably, a few more kids will join them.  

What is it about the pencil sharpener that is so contagious?

JD3006-1 Durable blade One hole sharpened with an ELECTRIC, 1000times durable BLADE SHARPENER


As a teacher, the best thing I can do is present to you the various methods that might work for your situation.


For the gadget lovers out there, you can also get electric or battery operated pencil sharpeners which do a swift job of sharpening, often with various point finishes and usually with a shavings well.

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